Solar Panel Installation Expert

Serve both residential and commercial sector


Excellent company to deal with! We spoke at four other companies, performed our home work completely and this company had what we exactly wanted in cost, product and the company values. They’ve been in business longest of all other companies we’d quotes from. Thus, giving us peace of your mind in warranty they provide. They came recommended to us highly and they didn’t disappoint.

Jerry Tom

We got the bids from 3 companies. More we spoke with all 3, more we learned regarding solar. This company by far was the most knowledgeable regarding the whole system. No pressure, only good and honest information on what would be the best for our specific situation. Great all around experience.

Patti Moore

We had checked out 4 other companies at least before choosing this company seeing their high rating and quality of materials they utilize. We have a great solar system now which looks like will generate all the electrical power we need in following years. They are the absolute best.

Graham Jackson

These guys are really awesome!!!.  They have set the standards for quality services and offer services at very reasonable prices.  I went via several companies prior to settling with this company. Their sales Rep was open and knowledgeable. AWESOME experience with them from start to end.

Tony Bismith

Had a wonderful experience with this solar company. We received a couple of different quotes for the project and chose to go with this company due to our initial meeting with them. The tech answered all of our questions and he was not pushy like salesman. He was extremely professional, helpful and informative. Very pleased with them.

Holly Hills

I had our solar system installed nearly 2 years back by this company.  The process went very smoothly and we couldn’t be happier. Till date I have not experienced any problems with the system. I have recommended them to family and friends and they have hired their service and seem to be very happy.

Henry C.

Very satisfied. From primary proposal, follow up, on location work, final inspection, activation of system and attention to minor follow up issues; this company exceeded all our expectations. I won’t hesitate to recommend this company to friends, family, and colleagues.

Breffni white

These guys are very knowledgeable about solar industry. While working with them, there was no time while I felt misguided or confused.  Their installers were precise in their job and I was highly impressed with final installation. Thanks to their whole team!!

David Brown

Just passed one year mark recently and our system is doing as promised. The install process with. This company was quick and smooth. All the team members were pleasant and professional to have. I would recommend them with no reservation as an ethical and honest company who delivers as promised.

Keri Jami

After getting some quotes from different companies, we finally decided to hire this company. And we could not be happier! All of them were absolutely amazing!

Samuel Roberts