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Switching to solar for your business? You have made the right decision. You are going to make a solid investment with a solar system, so make sure to hire us only for your solar system installation.
Below are a few reasons how you will benefit from investing in solar for your business:
A Commercial Solar Panel System is a Strong Investment – low equipment rates together with generous incentives means that the return on investment will be quite favorable.  There are lots of variables that can affect your exclusive situation, but a medium size solar system built today can easily predict internal rate of returns around 12 percent.  What other secure investment today offers that type of return? 
Green Energy is Great for Your Business –  Show to your clients, competitors and employees that your company now is taking up pro-active lead to promote clean and renewable energy. An average consumer has solid environmental values and now is prepared to patronize businesses dedicated to protecting environment.  Nothing can make that dedication more apparent than new solar electric energy system at your business place.
Solar Provides Independence – Now free your business completely from the burdensome upwards push of utility prices. As all of us know, they will keep going up only. By investing in commercial solar systems from our company, you efficiently lock in your energy cost for over 30 years.  Also, big thanks to state’s liberal net-metering regulation, now your utility will definitely credit your accounts for all solar you generate, allowing you to attract the credit on all cloudy days and in evening when the solar system isn’t producing power. 

Solar installation for commercial use

Installation of solar system at your business premises is available here by our trained experts.
We use the best commercial solar product for installation at commercial sector or office premises.

Hassle Free Installation

Right product for right place is used by our experienced solar installers.No need to worry when it comes to solar system installation for commercial use.

What can we do for you
Solar Site Evaluation and Load Analysis For Free– The first step just after contacting us is to fix a site visit for you.  While at your own business, we will evaluate possible options for situating the modules and all other equipment, considering building orientations, shading, exposure, and existing electrical systems.  Please keep a latest electric bill with you so that we can utilize its information to measure your yearly electrical use.
A Through Proposal – After site visit, we’ll send you a thorough proposal, including proposed system size, main component specifications, a quote of systems annual production and estimation of percentage of your yearly electrical bill your system will offset. The proposal will also offer a fixed system cost and your net costs following receipt of federal tax credits. 
State Paperwork – After we have the agreement to proceed, then we will take complete care of all necessary paperwork to file quickly for the needed Certificate of Public Goods and get historic preservation approval.  All you will have to do is just sign the complete application.
Professional Designing and Installation – We can’t start until utility interconnection gets approved.  In mean time, we’ll be working with state-licensed Engineer to make sure that the solar system will be designed appropriately.  We acquire stamped electric drawings for all the commercial solar systems.  After we get the state approvals, we’ll meet with you in order to schedule work and discuss the ways to make sure our presence at the property is as inconspicuous as possible. During installation, we will be fully respectful of the property, keep an efficient installation service schedule and maintain tidy worksite.